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We provides all aspects of general insurance for Life, Critical, Disability, Health and Dental, Travel and domestic requirements using only authorized Canadian-based insurers. Our success to date is based on providing high quality, personalized and professional service to our clients throughout Canada. Exceptional personal service and a holistic approach to the insurance needs of our clients are the primary reasons why Securelife Insurance Agency Inc today enjoys a first class reputation and position as a leading insurance broker in Canada.

We offer expert advice on each client’s domestic requirements, assess their particular risks and exposures and recommend specific insurance products to cover those risks. Securelife Insurance Agency Inc. provides insurance services to many thousands of clients across Canada. As well as insurance placement for direct Securelife Insurance Agency Inc.

Securelife Insurance is at your services 24 hours for 365 days. If you can’t get in touch with our local number, give us a call on Toll Free number and our representative will guide you to provide the best possible Insurance at lowest possible premiums.

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We Ensure Professional Insurance Services

Life Insurance

Miss happenings are never invited or intentional. These are unexpected events where we ....

Drug & Dental

Drug and Dental Plan benefits generally include dental care, eye care, prescription drugs....

Disability Insurance

Disability is more financially disastrous than an accident. If you are disabled, you might not be able to work.....

Critical Insurance

Critical Care Insurance or critical illness insurance is a policy that offers a substantial amount of money.....

Super Visa Insurance

Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for Super Visa....

Visitors Insurance

Are you visiting Canada anytime soon? Whether as a tourist or as an immigrant make sure that you and people....

Travel Insurance

Canadians are travelling overseas in ever-increasing numbers. Whatever your age or destination....


It is a special savings account registered with the Government of Canada to help you, your family or friends....


A Registered Retirement Saving Plan, or RRSP, is a special type of investment account designed to help Canadians save....


A federal government tax-shelterd saving program, designed to encourage Candians to save and invest for short....

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Join Secure Life Insurance – Best Life Insurance Agency

Secure Life insurance is the best Life Insurance Agency and seeking talented ambitious individuals to expand our team. our motivation is to provide the best hands-on training so that you can thrive and become successful in this booming insurance industry. Secure Life insurance offers you flexibility and freedom of being self-employed along with the stability of having our team by your side.

Secure Life insurance prides itself in its friendly service and guidance with all of our agents.

Secure Life Insurance is the right choice you need to make a successful career!

It pays to shop around to get the best rate. When shopping for a critical illness plan, you should consider your income, financial obligations, dependents, and healthcare needs.


What Client Say About Mona Mengi

Clara Jasper

I bought travel insurance from Secure Life Insurance, based on my friend’s advice. I received quick response & reliable service from them. Got a very good price on insurance & It was very adequate for our journey.

Sofia keiri

Secure Life Insurance has done a great job guiding me to have the best coverage in life insurance. They are very professional, and will help you understand everything

Rick Harrison

I got my Life Insurance Policy from Secure Life Insurance. The entire process was done quickly & efficiently. The insurance agents are very professional & provided streamlined services. They didn't try to sell any other products; The communication was very transparent. I was really happy to have worked with them.

James Joel

I had taken Secure Life Insurance services several times. They have never let me down. Mona Mengi, my insurance advisor recently helped me in getting a visitors Insurance for my parents at competitive rate. I highly recommend them for those who need Visitors Insurance Quick and easy.

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